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About Chirline

Chirline is the only company in the world dedicated to China and Iran professional international courier service providers. We are committed to the people of China and Iran to provide quality professional international courier service. In China's "Silk Road" of the national war slightly under the call, in Iran lifted the background of international sanctions, we shoulder the mission, in an effort to build a CHIRLINE: Silk Road Bridge, Iran's economic ties.
In China, in order to provide customers with more convenient delivery service, our service network has spread all over the China's major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Yiwu City are equipped with our branch and distribution center. We guarantee service outlets as long as there is to fly to the Iranian flights have Chirline.
In Iran, in order to provide better customs clearance and delivery services to customers, we in Tehran with wholly owned subsidiary, journey is to provide efficient customs clearance services, we are located in the Imam Khomeini International Airport for the modernization of the call center and by CHIRLINE own vehicles composed of delivery team to ensure every vote you the security of goods delivered on time!
All for customers, for all customers, CHIRLINE delivery is not only a parcel of customers, but also our commitment to customers!
Our brand origin:
CHIRLINE brand by Chinese ch and Iran on behalf of the IR on behalf of composition, we hope the two has a long history of ancient civilization in CHIRLINE efforts, nearly Zorpia.

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